translated from Spanish: April has already surpassed the record for clandestine partyers

“It’s dramatic to see young people connected to the fan.” With these words, Dr. Darwin Acuña, president of the Chilean Society of Intensive Medicine (Sochimi), graphed the age change in the country’s UCIs, where adolescents and adults with aggravated covid now outperdo elderly patients.
Yesterday’s pandemic balance showed that of the 3,213 hospitalized in UCIs by covid, most correspond to children under the age of 60, something that for the Ministry of Health responds to vaccination and risky behaviors in this segment, mainly of young people who have oversteerted clandestine parties at a time when 97% of the country is confined to the complex viral situation.
According to Carabineros’ data, 983 people have already been arrested for participating in illicit encounters, a record number of more than 950 partymen arrested in all of January, even if there are two weeks left to finish April.
The number of “reels” detected in 13 days represents almost one-fifth of all those arrested for clandestine parties in a pandemic year, which exceed 5,000, most of whom are between the age of 23 and 27.
“There’s no excuse here that’s worth it. No one participates in these events out of necessity, but out of irresponsibility,” criticized the director of Order and Security, Inspector General Esteban Díaz, who lamented that peak will be reached at the “worst time of the pandemic.”
On the day the Minsal reported 5,718 new contagions, accumulating a fourth day in a row of casualties after Friday’s record of 9,171 cases. Minister Enrique Paris said studies would already be showing a stabilization of the regrowthe, and stated that the total quarantine that governs two weeks ago in MRI “has been paying off.”
However, it did not derail the implementation of new measures if mobility could not be reduced to the desired levels.
Rule change
On the day the health portfolio spoke of two adjustments to the standards responding to criticism from experts and guilds.
One of them is the one with the motels. The Adult Hotel Association accused “discrimination” and “harassment” in audits, ensuring that they can operate by having a hotel patent.
Minister Paris said early that he would analyze it and then undersecretary of public health, Paula Daza, stated that all hotels with hotel patents can continue to operate. Later the capital seremi, Paula Labra, who on Friday closed a motel, confirmed that the venues can operate in Phase 1 as long as guests carry permission.
Another regulatory adjustment that was reported was regarding the cigar. Minister Paris announced that they will take tobacco off the list of essential goods, which has so far allowed for over-the-counter sales in confined areas. “This Thursday they are no longer essential goods,” he said.
The measure was requested by eight scientific societies who noted in a public letter that smokers have “a 2.5 times increased risk” of seriously ill and covid death, and in addition the smoke they emit can emit virus droplets if infected, putting others at risk.
Paris noted that taking off her smoking mask is an “important” viral transmission pathway and said she made the decision after speaking to Senator Guido Girardi. The MP had previously accused “lobby” of tobacco companies. “It violates the most basic principles of a health strategy,” he criticized.
However, subsequently, Undersecretary Daza noted that from the health authority “we have not defined essential goods”, as the classification was published by the Ministry of the Interior.
From the Minsal they clarified that Paris’ announcement was on the other hand. While he responded to a consultation specifically targeting tobacco, from the portfolio they explained that his sayings relate to the end of the restriction that prevents trade from selling non-essential goods, a rule that ends its two weeks of validity on Friday. Daza defied that from that day on, all essential trade will be able to operate by selling “essential goods and goods that are not defined as essential”.

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