translated from Spanish: INE approves replacement of candidates for federal debuttal and use of nicknames

Mexico City.- The General Council of the Electoral Institute (INE) endorsed the replacements of applications for federal deduction that did not meet the requirements of affirmative actions, in the same way the use of nicknames to four candidates was approved. In this way, the following nicknames were tested that will appear along with the candidate’s name on the ballot; for the Green Environmental Party of Mexico (PVEM) the candidate for the 04th district of Baja California, Luis González Cruz to appear as “Arturo El Gallo González”; of the Citizen Movement party for the 11th arrondissement in Veracruz, Cristopher Alan Santos as “El Gallo”.
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Also approved were the nicknames for the candidates of the Social Meeting Party José Luis Galindo as “Pepe Galindo” and Francisco Javier Cruz as “El abuelo Cruz”. Read more: Confirmed! INE again withdraws Guerrero’s candidacy to Salgado MacedonioCabe to point out that in a similar situation, in the state of Nuevo León the inclusion of 258 nicknames on the ballots was approved. Five of them for candidates for the state’s gubernatura, which will be inscribed as follows: “Adrián” for Adrián de la Garza Santos, “Fernando Larrazabal” for Fernando Larrazabal Bretón, “Daney Siller”, “Dr. Jacques and “Samuel García”.

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