translated from Spanish: INE sanction against Salgado is an ‘attack on democracy’: AMLO

Following the INE’s decision to re-sanction Félix Salgado Macedonio with the cancellation of his registration as a candidate for the government of Guerrero, as well as Raúl Morón, Morena’s candidate for the government of Michoacán, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called the decision an «attack on democracy».
«Never has such a thing been accomplished, why prevent the people from deciding, he questioned during his morning conference.
«I understand that there are conservative stances on what they have pretended to be Democrats when the truth has been tenacious violators of the Constitution, of the laws, executors or applause of electoral fraud and now they become the champions of democracy, I hope the Court will resolve this matter well,» the president said.

«They have been executors or applausers of electoral fraud and now become the champions of democracy,» says @lopezobrador_ on @INEMexico; I hope the Court will resolve this matter well, the president points out.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) April 14, 2021

He asked to await the electoral court’s ruling on salgado Macedonio and Raúl Morón’ case, and reiterated that there may be a sanction, but they should not be taken away by the constitutional right to participate in the elections.
«Why is the people of Michoacán and Guerrero not allowed to decide? If they are bad citizens, what cannot the people rate, reproach or choose them? We would be faced with an unpublished fact, one thing like this has never been accomplished, if we are taking the first steps to establish a genuine democracy and we are going to hit democracy like this, it is not exaggerated what I said, it is an attack on democracy,» he said.
He assured that the people are the sovereign, not the apparatuses or structures: «the people are the ones who decide in democracy, it is the one who commands, it is established even in article 39 of the Constitution, the people have the right until they change the forms of government».
López Obrador indicated that the INE is not yet the last instance and called the debate, but without insults, violence, all peacefully.

On the canonical @INEMexico of @FelixSalMac and @raulmoronO’s candidacies, @lopezobrador_ says that it is not the last instance and that the resolution of the @TEPJF_informa must be respected in @TEPJF_informa; «choose the people,» he says.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) April 14, 2021

Proposes survey
In addition, the president proposed that the Electoral Court conduct telephone surveys in Guerrero and Michoacán to define the candidacies of Félix Salgado Macedonio and Raúl Morón.
«It would be very simple, now that there are call center systems, that today and tomorrow, as a specialized company, close survey in Guerrero and ask everyone do you want this candidate to participate or not? Are you accepted to register or not, and do the same in Michoacán,» he said.
For not having delivered pre-camp expense reports, the INE General Council again sanctioned the brunette Félix Salgado Macedonio with the cancellation of his registration as a candidate for Guerrero’s government and ordered the party to replace him as standard-bearer within 48 hours.
The punishment was the same for Morena’s candidate for Michoacán’s government, Raúl Morón, although, in this case, the INE granted a period of up to 5 days for the party to make the replacement of candidacy.

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