translated from Spanish: Pepe Auth says he will vote against the third withdrawal and warns: «This is a campaign tool for some nominations»

Independent MP Pepe Auth ratified during his speech in the Chamber of Meps and Deputies that he will vote against the third withdrawal of 10% of pension funds.
«I intervene in this debate without any hope of convincing someone, of changing their vote. There are many who in this room are aware that this is bad public policy, and yet other reasons will lead him to approve it,» he said.
«I voted against the first retreat defined as ‘exceptional and one-time’, which was very justified. I will vote against it again, because when the third withdrawal is made, we will be US$50 million further from the national goal of obtaining decent pensions for all citizens when their work cycle ends,» he added.
Auth warned that, should the initiative be approved, «we will have lost many years, because for a long time we will do nothing but compensate for the withdrawn resources. I will not approve this retreat because the main ones affected by the crisis, those 700,000 families, are informal workers. Just the ones who have never quoted. They require us to re-use the IFE, it’s no use to withdraw planned savings.»
«I will vote against it because this is a campaign tool for some nominations,» he said.

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