translated from Spanish: Appeals Court dismissed disafphater request against Senator Ossandón for influence-trafficking

Senator Manuel José Ossandón will not be helped. This was determined by the Court of Appeals of San Miguel, after ratifying the rejection of the application filed by the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office, seeking this measure. The parliamentarian is accused of repeated trafficking of influences related to the extraction of aggregates in the Maipo River.According to the document, consigned by Emol, «it is not possible to have by the way, with the background collected in the investigation, that the activity carried out by the senator, could have as its purpose, give interest or favor his son Nicholas». This considers that the senator «appears to have merely given a recommendation (…) without prejudice that there is also no description of the exercise of influence as such». They also indicate that «the requirement to «give interest» implies a direct mishim, a subjective element that these courts consider not sufficiently justified at this stage of procedure, in terms that allow to authorize the deafness requested». The judges add that «in the species and as already said, the joint administration ordinance established general rights and obligations for municipalities and not itself a direct economic benefit for the senator’s son, which is also not explained and described in the public prosecutor’s imputation.» In short, they conlude that «there is no sufficient evidence from the background provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to establish the existence of the facts repeatedly attributed to the accused senator, nor does it appear that they satisfy the legal classification of the criminal type raised by the accuser, and the request for disaffrondom will be dismissed.»

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