translated from Spanish: Eight people were killed in shooting at a U.S. post office

At least eight people were killed Thursday night in a shooting at a Warehouse at the FedEx postal services company in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, authorities reported.
In addition to the eight killed in the attack, the perpetrator of the shooting appears to have committed suicide.
According to Indianapolis Police spokeswoman Genae Cook, the attack occurred at a FedEx warehouse near Indianapolis Airport where 4,500 people work.
Upon arrival, police officers found casualties inside and outside the warehouse.
In addition to the eight people who were killed at the site of the events, several others have been transferred to hospitals with injuries, at least one of them in serious condition.
Cook offered no details about the attacker or his possible motives, although various witnesses have indicated to local media that he was a white man.
Authorities have summoned all family members who know nothing of their loved ones to a nearby hotel, where they are receiving assistance.
In recent weeks there has been an uptick in mass shootings in the United States. The one that happened on March 22 at a Supermarket in Colorado, with 10 dead, was the one that caused the most fatalities.
A week earlier, on March 16, a man killed eight people in various attacks on Asian massage venues in Atlanta, Georgia.

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