translated from Spanish: A 25-year-old boy was murdered in Moreno

The event was recorded last night in the town located west of the great good airs. Due to a shooting that so far attempts to establish the circumstances, the 25-year-old victim Lucas Daniel Giménez was shot dead. As reported to Telam, Gimenez would have threatened another young man by resting the firearm in his head, so the father of the bullied young man came out in defense of his son and the shooting occurred where the fact would have occurred. After this situation the young shot headed to his brother’s house from where he was transferred to the Marian and Luciano de la Vega hospital, where he died after an operation. Through a break-in last year where narcotics were found at the victmica’s home, prosecutor Leandro Ventricelli, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 of the Moreno Judicial Department, had applied for arrest for the “possession of narcotics for marketing purposes” and sale of drugs, but the Guarantees Court 2 of that jurisdiction ordered his release. Thanks to his background and different witness testimonies, investigators suspect Giménez was selling drugs at the time he threatened the other young man. At the moment, police are searching for the murder suspect, who until today’s afternoon was still on the run. On the other hand, prosecutor awaits the outcome of the autopsy and other evidence aimed at clarifying the circumstances of the murder.

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