translated from Spanish: Piñera announced the sending of the Civil Procedural Reform and a project that modifies the system of appointment of judges

Following the adoption by the Chamber of Deputies of the third withdrawal of planned funds, and in the midst of the resolution of La Moneda on whether to go to the TC for the project, President Sebastián Piñera highlighted the role of the institutions, in the midst of sending civil procedural reform and an initiative to modify the system of appointment of judges in the country.” The strength of a nation is based on the quality and prestige of the institutions,” the Representative said after submitting the submission of both projects. On the initiatives, the Representative said that the Civil Procedural Reform seeks to modernize access to justice, particularly the one that is most required in the country. The Chair recalled that the original project was sent to Congress in 2012 during his first administration and approved by the Chamber of Deputies in 2014. “We want to give him a new impetus in the Senate.” Justice Minister Hernan Larraín said the reform envisages changes to the Civil Code and the incorporation of the Civil and Commercial Mediation Act.With regard to the system of appointment of judges, Piñera said that the project seeks to eliminate elements of discretion, including the weight of the appointment by the hierarchical superior in the judicial system. “Try to ensure the independence of our courts of justice,” Minister Larraín said, “he incorporates public competitions, with fairness, information and a level playing field,” and said he “removes the discretion of the President of the Republic for the appointment of judges and changes it by agreement of a collegiate body founded on the National Commission on Judicial Appointments.” The project also regulates and regulates the visits of ministers of Courts of Appeals and incorporates transparency rules into the agendas of Ministers, Rapporteurs and Prosecutors of the Supreme Court. “I have faith and I ask Congress to quickly analyze, refine and move forward these important and urgent reforms that will improve not only access to justice, but the quality of life of our compatriots,” Piñera said.

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