translated from Spanish: After various earth movements, #sismo becomes trending on Twitter

World.- #Sismo became a trend on Twitter after registering this morning several teluric movements in various parts of the world, including in Jalisco, Mexico.
The various reports indicate that an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 degrees was recorded, 9 kilometers northeast of Thesistan. “Our units take a tour of the area as a prevention. So far there are no reports of affectations.”
A strong earthquake 5.8 (some agencies record it 5.6) hit southwestern Iran at 5 km deep at 2 am, at the moment no casualties or damage information is under development Pronostico Certero.
While during the first hours of April 18, inhabitants of Jalisco witnessed an earthquake that, according to the National Seismological Service (SSN), had as its epicenter the northeast of Thesistan, in the municipality of Zapopan.

Despite the slightness of the teluric movement, it was also reported in Tlaquepaque and Guadalajara. However, its duration was very short, so seismic alerts did not detect it and were not activated.
The SSN, through its Twitter account, shared at 1:52 a.m. that the log of the sism was at one o’o’m in the morning with twenty-one minutes.

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