translated from Spanish: Chilean Army sends letter to La Red for humor program

On April 16, the signal aired a new episode of the show “Politically Incorrect”, which addresses the present with an acidic and satirical look. This showed a sketch titled “Real Interviews,” in which a conversation with a military man was recreated. The space ironized the institution’s work and the work that its officials must do. For this reason, the Chilean Army sent a letter to the executive director of La Red, as assigned by Cooperativa. “Mr. Víctor Gutiérrez, executive director of La Red, I am addressing you to express to you the discomfort and rejection of the Chilean Army of the Politically Incorrect program in which the interview was simulated to a member of the institution using the disguise of an alleged satirical program to edest all kinds of insults against the 45 thousand women and men who chose the military profession” , noted the misiva of the Castrense institution which accuses a densation of its members. But that wasn’t the only denunciation and clarification of the letter. “The way the Army and its members are denosed shows nothing but the encouragement to delegitimate and degrade it, taking advantage of the ease that a means of communication provides for it (…) It should be clarified that judicial situations affecting members or former members of the Army are individual responsibilities and are being investigated by justice, which is where Chileans must submit to their rulings and it is not acceptable to pretend that this is grounds for denting officers, NCOs and soldiers who in their vocation are haunted by such a mock reality” , adds the document. 

Original source in Spanish

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