translated from Spanish: The official statement of The Fundamentalists after opening the recital on YouTube

The Air Fundamentalists Acondiconado, the band led by the Solari Indian, showed up last night in their show “A los pájaros”, which aired from Villa Epecuen, a tourist town in the south of the province of Buenos Aires that was left in ruins after the floods of 1985. To the surprise of all the fans, more than those who were unable to access the virtual show ticket, after 23:30, since the organization of the show announced that because of technical problems the recital would be broadcast on YouTube. Today, they gave the relevant explanations through a statement.” Friends, we want to thank you all for your patience yesterday.
Faced with the technical difficulties of the broadcast, we found that the best way to meet the expectation generated by those who had bought their ticket, was to broadcast the show on Youtube”, begins by saying the official release of the band released this Sunday.” This was a difficult decision as we understand that perhaps some of those who had purchased their ticket might feel harmed. However we are glad to hear from your comments that it was the right decision. Postponing the meeting would have deprived us all of the joys experienced last night. Those who trusted us and paid for their entry to the show allowed us to provide a quality show, at the height of the tradition we represent. In addition, they enabled us to help thousands of people in Patagonia. We invite everyone who has acquired their income to enjoy it again on the ticketek platform, in its highest quality. This can be done from today until May 2. Huge hug from the whole band. Kind regards. LFDAA,” closes the statement.

Original source in Spanish

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