translated from Spanish: Armed group kills two cousins in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- Two cousin brothers were shot dead on the road from Tepuche to Culiacán, during the early hours of this Monday. They were identified as José Alfredo and Fernando “N”. According to information gathered, the cousins were heading to the city of Culiacán aboard a Blue Fronthier van, along with others for medium help. However, they were allegedly arrested by a group of armed subjects at the point known as the “Greek Y”.
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The moment strangers let the unit go on, they began unloading their weapons against it and its crew members. The bullets hit three people and managed to strike out two of the van’s tires. Read more: They are looking for Jesus Aarón missing in Culiacán, SinaloaAnte this situation, the driver of the van continued his march until he reached the Civil Hospital to ask for help. Local doctors and nurses confirmed the deaths of the cousin brothers, identified as José Alfredo and Fernando.
A third person was hospitalized for a neck injury caused by projectiles. Meanwhile, two of his companions came out unscathed from armed aggression. Moments after the aggression it became known that the Occisos were students of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS). They left the Guasina to head to the Civil Hospital because one of their relatives had symptoms of intoxication. Read more: Shoot a man in front of beer explosion in La Guamuchilera, GuasaveH so far the identity of the killers and the motive of the crime is unknown.

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