translated from Spanish: Barby Silenzi recounted the reasons for the separation with The Pole

Barby Silenzi and El Polaco once again face a crisis that the singer says is definitive. On the other hand, the dancer is more cautious in talking about it, but that didn’t stop her from angry, giving a note for “You have to see” telling the reason for her partner’s anger. The note was given in the studies of LaFlia, where the promotional photo of Marcelo Tinelli’s new cycle was being taken, which the Pole arrived alone, leaving Barby planted at his home, who was ready to go to the event together.
“We separated by a roe, I’d tell you. Jealousy on his part. You know I’m going to tell you because I’m sick of this whole thing. The whole circus he put together, tired me,” Barby launched in the cycle led by José María Listorti and Denise Dumas, and followed: “We were at home, making a story with my cell phone. In the middle of the story comes a message from my other daughter’s father and that’s where it all rotted,” he began recounting.” The Pole began to look back at the messages. Francis tells me Elena’s stories, obviously, and once, I don’t even remember when she was, she told me a story. In the form of a joke he gave me ‘did I send you a picture?’, he said, suggesting that Delgado wanted to send an intimate photo to his ex. “I didn’t make any jokes to him, I didn’t answer anything, it didn’t cause me grace. He doesn’t interest me, and I’m not interested in him. He has his partner and his life,” Barby said, making it clear that the singer’s reaction was irrational. “I don’t see that as a hoax. I didn’t send anything to anyone. His ex sent him pictures, and what do you want me to do? Did I get angry and split up? No, ” she answered indignantly. 

Original source in Spanish

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