translated from Spanish: They found a woman’s body in Los Toldos and her boyfriend is on the go.

From the Prosecutor’s Office they confirmed that they found the body of Analía Maldonado, the woman who had been missing since Sunday with her partner after having had a strong argument. Samuel Llanos, her boyfriend, is fugitive and they ask for the collaboration of the population to find their whereabouts. Official sources reported that the procedure was conducted on Route 45 when the woman’s body was spotted by one of the police officers.

Maldonado and Llano had been in a couple for about a year and the last thing that was known about them before they lost track was that they had a strong argument at the home they shared. The woman’s father had made the complaint to the authorities for the disappearance and the cover “Finding out whereabouts” was opened. The alleged femicide of Analía Cecilia Maldonado is processed by UFIJ No. 3, by The Fiscal Agent Dr. José Elías Alvite Galante.

Prosecutor’s Office’s request
The Attorney General’s Office of the Junín Judicial Department issued a statement to request collaboration in the contribution of any data on the current whereabouts or movements after the last hours of the 18th of the current month and year of Samuel Llanos (mother name Cabral), (1.75 meters high, professor of gymnastics / bodybuilder fisco), with last address in Moreno 757 of Los Toldos.

Samuel Llanos is on the go.

Also from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “any information about the Nissan model Tiida vehicle, 5 doors, white, domain ITA 913 (whose hijacking has been ordered) is required, in which it was mobilized when it was last seen in the city of Los Toldos, province of Buenos Aires”. Those who can provide information around what is required should channel it by calling 911, which will unify the reception.

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Analía Maldonado
Samuel Llanos

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