translated from Spanish: Luis Miguel furious with Michelle Salas: “You’re not my daughter anymore” What happened?

Luis Miguel’s series, starring Diego Boneta, breaks audience records and generates all kinds of speculation, and although biopic aims to show the idol in the most humane way possible. In real life, far from the scripts their attitudes have been at least controversial about their fatherhood and the women in their lives.

In this second season that already showed the first two chapters, we can see that it will change the course of history that will no longer focus on the obsessive search of his mother, Marcela and will take us into his personal and private universe.As you already know one of the strong characters of the series that adds to this second part is that of his daughter Michelle Salas. And while we don’t know how they’re going to tell their story. We know this filial bond has never been entirely good.

In the first instance what we know is that the singer took at least 5 years to meet his firstborn to which he did not give his surname until 2009 when he became father for the second time of Miguel, with Araceli Arámbula.By 2008, his representative, Alejandro Asensi, contacted Michelle and they both had an approach that ended up giving the teenager her surname. For a while the relationship between the two was optimal and even the young woman moved to Los Angeles to live near her father, for whom she asked for her whole life.

However, Michelle’s affair with her father’s representative blew up the relationship, which ended with Asensi’s dismissal and caused unease in the bond between father and daughter. The relationship ended when the series came out of the singer’s life, where in the first season she did not tell the story, as happened, according to Stephanie Salas, Michelle’s mom who went out to give her opinion on the subject.” The biographical series is not chronologically correct because, to begin with, my daughter was born at the time of the relationship between Mariana and Luis Miguel, in which I never got in the way,” she posted in her Instagram stories almost three years ago.” I’m a right-handed woman and I always have been. Therefore, as a woman and mother of two, I demand the respect that my daughter, my pregnancy and my person deserve, and I ask that they stop including me in this disrespectful and offensive narrative for me and my family,” she concluded by asserting that she had a two-year relationship with the Mexican idol, not a one-night poaching romance. 

These statements were endorsed by Michelle, who accompanied her mother’s words, doing the same in her nets by dedicating beautiful words that again untied the short circuit with Luis Miguel, causing a estating.

Since then, father and daughter have been estranged and without the possibility of reconciliation; Now, according to what a Mexican magazine published, Michelle is said to have attempted to contact her father after the February accident while enjoying a vacation in the United States Unidos.La model broke her knee skiing and had to be operated on. Although the news turned the world around, the only one who didn’t even call it was nothing more and nothing less than his own father.” Michelle dialed him on the phone and didn’t answer him. Then he sent her a message asking them to see each other, that please schedule her, but the surprise was that Luis Miguel read it, ignored it and then blocked it,” the magazine published.
“He told her that he had already spoken to his brother and that Luis Miguel told him that for him Michelle no longer existed, that she was no longer his daughter.”

It was there that the 31-year-old contacted her uncle Alejandro to ask her to intercede in the relationship, despite the attempt, nor did Luis Miguel’s brother manage to calm the waters. “He told her that he had already spoken to his brother and that Luis Miguel told him that for him Michelle no longer existed, that she was no longer his daughter.” Michelle totally collapsed. Luckily she has the support of her maternal family, who are helping her get ahead,” revealed to the Mexican publication a source near Salas.We’ll see if the series moves the singer’s sensibility and they manage to pick up the relationship, which apparently plummets. 

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