translated from Spanish: Manaus and UK variants detected in Currents

The Ministry of Current Health detected three cases of coronavirus from the manaus, UK and Rio de Janeiro variants. These are two contagions with the Manaus strain and one with the British variant, in addition to four others with the Rio de Janeiro variant, according to the results of the analyses carried out by the Malbrán Institute.Health authorities claimed that all cases were blocked, to avoid further contagion, and reiterated the need to extreme prevention measures. One of them, infected with the Manaus variant, died. The fatal victim is an eldest person with comorities who spread during a trip to the city of Clorinda, Formosa. On her return to Corrientes, she had to be admitted to the Campaign Hospital, where she died. The other patient infected with this variant became ill in Chaco and cured the disease without further complications. The case of the UK variant was reported at the border control of Paso de los Libres, on the border with Brazil. The director of Current Epidemiology, Angelina Bobadilla reported that «it is a staff that is responsible for the control of truckers who drive on the international bridge. That official has already been discharged.»

Health personnel hispanic a young man. The presence of other variants of Covid-19 in the country begins to be detected in the midst of the second wave of the disease.

For their part, the four cases of the Rio de Janeiro strain were detected in the town of Ituzaingó, 288 kilometers from the provincial capital and in the middle of the border with Paraguay. «This is an employee who works at the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Plant and family members. This person, by his role, is in constant contact with people from Paraguay and Brazil,» Bobadilla said, except for the one who died from the Manaus strain, the rest of the patients have already recovered and «the corresponding blockades were performed,» they said from the Ministry of Public Health of Corrientes.» Today more than ever, we ask the population that extremes prevention measures, to use the beard correctly, to wash hands and to maintain social estating,» insisted the Minister of Provincial Health, Ricardo Cardozo.La Director of Epidemiology said that «the cases we report correspond to samples taken between the last fortnight of March and Easter» that were forwarded to the Malbrán Institute.» : «Let the population avoid unnecessary meetings, do not innovate the group of people they frequent and avoid leaving home if not necessary. This order is mainly for older adults.» According to the latest report of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, Corrientes recorded 289 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, accumulating 35,142 contagions since the onset of the pandemic. In addition, on Tuesday they reported the deaths of 13 people with Covid-19, seven women and six men.

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