translated from Spanish: Quirino and AMLO are in the process: Sergio Torres Félix

Sinaloa.- The candidate Sergio Torres Félix, from Citizen Movement to the governorship of Sinaloa, assured that, although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel have the whole body involved in the electoral process to favor their candidates, he is growing like foam, and his opponents are plummeting. In an interview for Debate, the ex-mayor of Culiacán spoke of his proposals to improve issues such as safety, health and job creation at the entity, but also gave himself time to point out that his main opponents, Rocha and Zamora, are desperate, frightened and wasting their time on tellers and diretes that do not benefit the Sinaloans, so he warned that this June 6 will beat them.
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How’s the campaign going, what’s the balance of 16 days before it’s started?” Two weeks after the fight started, we’re doing great. We are growing fast and strong throughout Sinaloa. I am very happy, very excited and very grateful to the people of Sinaloa, who every day are joining this orange wave movement that came to Sinaloa to stay and that nothing stops it.” Read more: Video. They accuse David Monreal of harassing a woman during the election campaign What issues would he highlight as pillars of his campaign and his project to the government?” There are many problems in Sinaloa, but arriving we will address the issue of insecurity, job loss, the issue of health, we have also made a commitment to rescue the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, to rescue the more than 10 thousand small businesses that have closed for the pandemic and fight hard to recover the programs that took away the fishermen , farmers and ranchers”.

How do you plan to improve security?” Firstly, dignifying the state’s policemen, paying them in a timely manner their performance, giving them good increases, good performance, good uniforms, good weaponry and, obviously, also asking them for good results. I’ve already made it, in the three years I was mayor we had the best numbers in vehicle theft, house robbery, shop theft and homicides”.And how do you plan to reverse job losses?” The idea is to strengthen the Codesin, first. There we are going to create the State Entrepreneur’s Institute and obviously we are going to invest money in an emerging program to strengthen and be able to open those small shops that closed for the pandemic. We are even thinking of implementing a temporary employment plan so that there is economic spillage so that we can rescue sinaloa’s stagnant economy”.And in health, what’s the plan?” First, we must seek vaccines for all, as soon as possible, to address the issue of the pandemic; also pay benefits owed to doctors, nurses, health workers; and I will go on to get the vaccines so that there is for everyone as soon as possible, and that there is an order, because right now what we see is that it is profiting from the subject of the vaccine. Is the federal government more concerned about the June 6 election than saving the lives of Mexicans and Sinaloans.” People who know me know that when I say something, I do it. I don’t hesitate, I don’t float, I make decisions and I take risks. We’re going to rescue the university from the kidnapping where Cuen has it and that, potentially, Rocha could have it. It hurts me where they want to take UAS as a college student, I’m a graduate in two college careers. I will return greatness to the UAS so that it becomes again a free, democratic, exchange of ideas, and not as a right now, which is at the service of a political party. The UAS is not owned by the university authorities, is not owned by Cuen and cannot be loot from political parties. The most delicate thing is that the UAS, and it is what is unworthy, was the currency for Cuen and Rocha to make that alliance, a Machiavellian alliance and to convince.” You said that if you get to the bernatura, you’ll sell the air fleet, why?” I believe that en these times the governor cannot live as king, people are dying in his house, there are no medicines. The governor must be empathetic, supportive. We must have a governor who is employed by the Sinaloans; and I, arriving, will sell the planes, for there are two; I’m going to sell the helicopters, because there are three, and the beach house, the ones that are in the governor’s service. I will be a governor who is employed by the Sinaloans, and people know that when we say something, we fulfill it.” In recent weeks a number of surveys have been published and most of them you appear in third place. What reading do you have of these measurements?” Who best measures the elections in the last 15 or 20 years here in Sinaloa is THE DEBATE, and in the survey that just published THE DEBATE a few days ago I am second. In Culiacán I am four times higher than Mario Zamora, in Mazatlan we are in a technical tie the three candidates, and these two municipalities represent more than 50 percent of the election. Very quickly, we are growing, we are moving forward, and those numbers published by THE DEBATE coincide with the numbers that citizen movement has at the national level, that is why we are going to win, because people see that we are going in alliance with them, with the citizens. He sees that citizen parties that were historical rivals came together just to defend their interests. Right now, to this day, I’m second, I’m very happy.”.Do you anticipate any change in your strategy?” My strategy is to listen to people, to be empathetic to people. And I’m going to keep raising my voice for Sinaloa’s families, because right now no one moves a finger around Sinaloa. We go very well, people see sergio Torres’ project and Citizen Movement as a real alternative to govern sinaloa, to give a table to the way of governing the state and to set aside that kind of anquiloic political class that mario Zamora currently represents”.Do you see this political debate on Thursday as that opportunity to beat up the table and earn some points in preferences?” The debate is a great opportunity for people to get to know us more and know what we represent each of us who aspire to rule Sinaloa.”But are there candidates who fall or get up in the debates?” I have confidence that we will do well because we are simply going to be who we are, transparent, direct, without poses. I’m the typical Sinaloan who speaks head-on, pushed forward, cheerful, that’s why we’re growing up, we bring a Sinaloa-style campaign”.And how do you see the lawsuit between the candidates across the street?” It is that after the debate survey, which gave them a few slaps, because he placed them, because I in the debate survey, the one that measures best, I am not far from the first place, I am here. In Culiacán we live 33 out of 100 Sinaloenses, but in the election, Culiacán accounts for 37 percent, because here they vote more than in other municipalities. I’m in a technical tie there (Mazatlan), that’s why Rocha is nervous and went and made a fool of himself with the Gilbertona, he’s desperate. And Mario is desperate and scared, not to say uglier, he brought out Enrique Coppel and Heriberto Felix, I believe that Heriberto did not live in Sinaloa, because also, and finally brought Osorio (Chong), (Claudia) Ruiz Massieu and Miguel Angel Mancera, purely fine person, because they are desperate. These are desperate acts because they see that we are growing like foam, and they are plummeting.”
Mario claims to see a choice of two, between him and Rocha Moya”No. Mario, not everything he says is a lie, there he’s quite right, it’s a choice of two, between me and Rocha. Check the debate survey, there it is in fourth place in Culiacán, with all the waste of resources, with the whole government, well, the bosses dumped because the employees walk with Sergio Torres and with Citizen Movement”. Sinaloa is considered a risky state, by the intervention of organized crime in electoral processes, have you been subjected to any intimidation?” I’ve been touring Sinaloa for many years, I haven’t received the slightest pressure from anyone. I’m happy, I’m happy, I get up early, we go through the communities, all quiet, all in a hundred, I hope to continue.” We see a kind of war of lawsuits between candidates, from a candidate to government officials, will you join that?” Those are tellers and diretes, they’re desperate acts. We do sue the two alliances before the electoral management authority established as arbitrator for this election because they talk about honesty and they are trying to twist the law, they are trying to deceive people, they are violent in the legal norm, that is why we sue them before the authority. They’re desperate and, while they’re fighting over things that have no benefit to people, we are growing like foam. But we’re going to be very vigilant how the Electoral Court resolves, because what I’m asking for is even floor for everyone, fair campaigns for everyone.”.See the government’s hand in Mario Zamora’s campaign?” It’s just that the state government is in the wrong hand, the whole body; from the fingernail to the head is tucked in Governor Quirino, and López Obrador is the same. I’ve said that for three months and it’s happening, they’re putting the whole body in; but, despite that, the citizens are going to beat them”.Why vote for Sergio Torres and not for the ones across the street?” I am one of those who think that people ask themselves the question about what this election is about, whether to put as governor of Sinaloa someone who gives him pleitation, someone who does not have the arrests to raise his voice in favor of Sinaloa as would be Rocha, pure ‘yes, sir’, Mario to cover the backs of the governor or Sergio Torres with a clean project , with no interests with anyone, only with the citizens and who raises his voice to whoever has to raise it up to favor The Sinaloan families.” The Profile
Name: Sergio Torres Félix.
Date of birth: June 5, 1966, in Culiacán.
Career: The former fisheries secretary in the Government of Quirino was a local deputy from 2007 to 2010, federal legislator from 2012 to 2013 and municipal president of Culiacán from 2014 to 2016. In the beginning, he was a sweeper at the City Council.Ideas and proposals of Sergio Torres
List of the main proposals of the candidate of citizen movement to the gubernatura, Sergio Torres Félix:1. An open cabinet for citizens to express their demands to the governor and his cabinet once a month.2 Resource management to get all Sinaloans vaccinated against covid. And an extensive preventive health campaign against diabetes, hypertension, obesity, breast cancer, among other conditions.3 Rescue the more than 10,000 small businesses that have been closed by the pandemic in Sinaloa.4. Institutional strengthening of the Codesin and the creation of the State Institute of Entrepreneurs and the Business Advisory Council.5 Redesign in the state government structure, with an exclusive area for the attention and solution of the field’s marketing problems.6. Temporary Employment Program for those who have lost their jobs to the pandemic.7 Priority attention to family violence and frontally to the crime of femicide in Sinaloa.8. Create at least 100 new public parks per year in Sinaloa.9. Build at least 100 new sports units per year.10. Create at least 100 new reading rooms and libraries a year in popular colonies.11 Award at least 100 scholarships per year for students to study abroad.12 Transform the Ismujeres and ISJU to be spaces of true representation of women and young people. Read more: President AMLO is reported to the INE for alleged electoral proselytism in the Morning13. Dignification of the work of the policemen: better salaries and benefits, uniforms, training, and scholarships for them and their children.14 Sell planes and helicopters using the governor and beach house in Altata.

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