translated from Spanish: Crushing majority in Senate room augur hard defeat for La Moneda this afternoon: by 31 votes against 11 is approved idea of legislating the third retreat

With 7 votes of Parliamentarians from Chile Vamos, and in a new political defeat of the Government, the Senate Chamber generally approved the constitutional reform that allows a third withdrawal of 10% of the planned funds.
Although the Government entered an inconstitutionality request before the Constitutional Court, Congress has continued to process this emblematic project.
The project received 31 votes for and 11 against and will now be discussed in particular in the Corporation Chamber, where the focus will be on annuity rules.
Official votes
The official parliamentarians who voted in favour were the UDI José Durana, Iván Moreira and David Sandoval, the RN Francisco Chahuán, Manuel José Ossandón and Marcela Sabat, and the former RN Juan Castro.

The vote represents a heavy defeat for the Executive, who failed to convince his senators of the effectiveness of the new measures he put on the table, such as the Middle Class Bonus or reinforced Emergency Family Income.
And so did his senators see him in the Chamber. “Strong and clear: I support the third retreat because I think it is my duty, it is to do the right thing in difficult times,” said Ivan Moreira (UDI).
Meanwhile, former RN Juan Castro criticized the government’s help as “mis-focused,” and his colleague Francisco Chahuan was tough on driving La Moneda. “If you don’t get involved and don’t offer a clear answer, I consider myself free of action,” he warned.
“Going to the Constitutional Court is not seeing reality”
In the opposition, they pointed to President Piñera and called on the Government to give up the TC on the way, and to provide necessary aid, such as a universal emergency income, and also to move forward with tax reform. “Going to the Constitutional Court is not seeing reality, it’s not taking on the needs of the country,” Senator PS Carlos Montes speculated.
“The third withdrawal is a reality, the government’s time to take up its position is now and I call on the President to govern and not deny aid,” Senator Ximena Rincón said.
For his part, Senator RD Juan Ignacio Latorre accused that “Piñera is disconnected from social reality. I hope that the Government will reconsider, listen and have some empathy, with what the people of Chile are living with and do not entrench themselves in the statements of the super-rich that all they seek is to defend their privileges and interests.”
Meanwhile, Senator Alejandro Guillier made a tough placement for the Executive. “I vote for the third withdrawal. Piñera is a provocateur. It destroys social peace by resorting to the Constitutional Court. Therefore, it is necessary to know in detail the reasons that allow the Senate, under Article 53 No 7 of the Constitution, to evaluate a process of dismissal,” he said.
But his request was answered by the Minister of the Segpres, Juan José Ossa. “It seems to me that Senator Alejandro Guillier still does not forget that the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, won him and by many millions of votes the previous presidential election,” he said.
Ossa insisted on what has been the Government’s permanent position on this issue. “It is undeniable that we have participated in the processing of all this constitutional reform by saying many times things that are not easy (…) as a Government we have expressed our position, we have pointed out that it seems to us that it is time for pension reform, we have pointed out that we think it is better to help Chilean families through direct transfers and this debate is going to continue to happen, we will continue to talk to you during the day.”
Once dispatched from the Senate, for this Friday, between 14 and 17 hours, the Chamber of Deputies set a special session to review the bill that should be dispatched this day of the Senate

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