translated from Spanish: PPD warns the Government that if it did not give up recourse to the TC, it would assess a constitutional charge against President Piñera

The National Board of Directors of the Party for Democracy (PPD) called the Government’s filing before the Constitutional Court (TC) a request to rein in the third withdrawal of 10% of pension funds as a «serious irresponsibility».
In a statement, the PPD warned the Government not to withdraw from this appeal before the TC, it would «jointly assess with its bench the filing of a constitutional indictment».
«President Sebastián Piñera’s decision to submit an injunction to the Constitutional Court against the third withdrawal of 10% of the workers’ planned funds represents a serious irresponsibility and demonstrates his absolute lack of empathy – and that of his direct advisers – with the pains of pandemic citizenship,» a statement says.
«Relieving the pandemic crisis and its social and economic effects by making use of workers’ and workers’ planned funds is a bad policy, but it is the only effective path to the presidential refusal to provide, through direct transfers, a universal emergency fixed income that reaches the millions of compatriots who need it. Without sufficient income transfer coverage and protection, the population will not be able to survive in quarantine,» the statement adds.
They also accused that government aid has been late and insufficient, «causing enormous frustration expressed by thousands of Chileans and Chileans in verifying that they do not qualify for bonds, IFEs, or SME loans. To top it all off, a political and business right holds that workers do not want to work because they receive bonds, or that the third withdrawal is for the rich. Thus, the government and its supporters can transform a serious picture into a catastrophic situation.»
«The government of Piñera must recoil from its request to the TC so that families can withdraw the third 10% of their savings and, immediately, a tax justice plan, which will end tax evasion, avoidance and exemptions, and a transitional tax on large fortunes as suggested by international agencies and implemented by various countries» Say.
And they warned that «if the above does not happen, the Party for Democracy will jointly assess with its bench the filing of a constitutional indictment against Sebastian Piñera. In the meantime a team of party lawyers will file a brief with the TC, to plead in favor of the aforementioned withdrawal.»
«The government has a way out so that the current crisis does not continue to be financed by withdrawals from the planned savings of workers, and it is a tax justice agreement,» the statement closes.

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