translated from Spanish: What happened on a day like today?

world. In the ephemeris of April 24, several important events that marked the history of humanity stand out. For example, in 1915, the Armenian people suffered one of the greatest genocides in history by the Ottoman Empire. Between one million and two million people perished, according to different sources. Turkey does not admit genocide, which 28 countries have recognized.
1704.- The first newspaper published in the United States, the «Boston Letters», appears.
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1800.- Foundation of the Library of Congress of the United States.1824.- The United Provinces of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) declare slavery abolished. Read more: In Russia children are killed during exorcism, they are subjected to beatings and tortured1834.- The civil war in Peru concludes with Luis J. Orbegozo’s victory over Maquinhucayo.1854.- Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria marries Elizabeth de Wittelsbach in Vienna, «Sissi».1898.- Spain declares war on the United States.1916.- The «Easter Uprisings» take place in Dublin. , the bloody revolt that accelerated Ireland’s independence from the United Kingdom.1918.- World War I: First battle in the history of armored tanks, between three English tanks and three German tanks in northern France.- Sigmund Freud publishes in Vienna (Austria) the thesis Das Ich und das Es (The Self and Thereby), where the ideas of it first appear , the self and the supersede.1934.- Engineer Laureans Hammond patents an electronic instrument in Chicago, known as the Hammond organ.1953.- Queen Elizabeth II names Winston Churchill a knight.- The «constitutionalist revolution» overthrows in the Dominican Republic the triumvirate presided over by Donald Reid Cabral, with the idea of replenishing former President Juan Bosch.1965.- The bodies of portuguese opposition leader Humberto Delgado , and his secretary are found by a pastor near Badajoz (Spain).1967.- First known fatal accident in the space race, When the ship «Soyuz» crashes and the Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov dies.1990.- Launched the Discovery shuttle with the Hubble Space Telescope.1994.- Armando Calderón (ARENA) wins in El Salvador’s presidential election.1996.- The Palestinian National Council removes from the «National Charter» clauses calling for armed struggle and destruction of the State of Israel.2000.- The Chilean writer Jorge Edwards receives the Cervantes Prize.2005.- Benedict XVI begins his Pontificate.2007.- Scientists of the European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere discover a habitable planet outside our solar system.2012.- Google launches Google Drive, a tool for the accommodation of text, photo and video in the cloud.2013.- About 1,200 dead when a building that housed several textile factories in Dhaka (Bangladesh) collapsed.- The Argentine Parliament approves the government project that validates the agreement reached with Spain’s Repsol for the expropriation of 51% of YPF’s shares. Read more: Hospital worker arrested for missing 15 years and collecting 13 million pesos2018.- The Anata dance of Camilaca of Peru is declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation.2019.- The National Audience of Spain absolves the former president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell of commission laundering of Brazilian football.Who was born on April 24?
1856.- Henri Philippe Petain, Marshal and President of France.1787.- Buenaventura Orfila, Spanish physician and chemist.1904.- Willen de Kooning, American painter.1919.- César Manrique, architect, painter, sculptor, decorator and urban planner Spanish.1930.- José Sarney, President of Brazil from 1985 to 1990.1934.- Shirley MacLaine, American actress.1942.- Barbra Streisand, American singer and actress.1947.- Josep Borrell, Spanish politician.1952.- Jean Paul Gaultier, French dressmaker.1971.- Alejandro Fernández, Mexican singer.Who died on April 24?
1479.- Jorge Manrique, Spanish poet and writer.1918.- José Menéndez, Spanish businessman, called «king of Patagonia».1986.- Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.2004.- Estée Lauder, American, creator of the cosmetic firm that bears her name.2005.- Ezer Weizman, President of Israel (1993-2000).2016.- Billy Paul, American vocalist.2017.- Sebastián Palomo Martínez, «Palomo Linares», Spanish bullfighter.2019.- Jean-Pierre Marielle, French actor.

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