translated from Spanish: Daniel Aráoz, Sol Pérez and Juanse return to MasterChef Celebrity 2

It was a night fought in MasterChef Celebrity 2, Telefe’s cycle in which this week the disqualified participants in previous programs had to show off the best of their culinary skills to return to the race for the white apron.

Tonight’s gala was complicated: participants had to cook duck meat, which was not easy for them. However, there were two dishes that stood out: that of Sol Pérez and that of Daniel Aráoz who returned to the competition by decision of Martitegui, De Santis and Betular.

For their part, the three jurors gave each participant an individual return and thanked the six celebrities for their performance during the week. There was also a surprise.” Let’s do something: I propose that you take your notebooks and think about who you think, who you would like, who deserves to return from tomorrow to Masterchef Celebrity. Who should have that third white apron,” said driver Santiago del Moro and surprised everyone in the studio.
The votes were divided as follows: Fernando Carlos voted for Cae; Loco Dalla Liberates Hernán Montenegro; Dani Aráoz to Juanse; He falls to Juanse; Montenegro to Fernando Carlos; Juanse to Flavia Palmiero; Flavia a Cae y Sol Pérez a Juanse.De this form, the third to return to MasterChef Celebity 2 is the leading rocker of Paranoid Mice.

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