translated from Spanish: “There is a logic of discrimination”: JC Rodríguez defended Pablo Chill-E after performing musical show at La Granja

The driver of the CHV morning, Julio César Rodríguez, defended the trap singer known as Pablo Chill-E after he starred in a clandestine show with more than 100 people in La Granja.The animator stated that “I will get into the leg of horses, because there is a logic of discrimination. Because when Pablo Chill-E was taken arrested for the Young Cister (Gotika) video clip for which they were arrested, they all had permits at the production company. They all had their contracts, the technicians and all.” I wonder here: Why can channels keep making TV series and they can’t record their video? Why can producers make commercials for big pandemic brands,” he added. And the journalist with whom he shares the driving, Monserrat Alvarez noted that “the channels are not making television series.” They stopped now, recently. They got together for many months, when they didn’t meet the capacity,” JC Rodriguez replied, 200, 200, “but that’s where they came and there’s a sanctioned channel.” However, JC Rodriguez insisted on defending the trap performer, as he argued that “Monse, they had all their permits. They had taken out all their stuff. When they were taken, no one was left in custody, but no one. They all filed their permits. Then don’t just keep the impact of the news. When Kidd Tetton was almost canceled, it turns out everyone started and he, as he was sleeping, was the one left. So, here we have to be careful.” In the video they had exceeded the capacity, but they had their permits. They took them and all, but they always feel that ‘others produce and others keep filming and we can never do anything.’ So behind them there’s also a logic,” he closed.

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