translated from Spanish: USA: Biden approval stands at 52% more than 100 days after taking over

After more than 100 days since Joe Biden acceded to the U.S. Presidency, more than half of Americans have ensured that they approve of the president’s leadership, though they stress that he should try to bring forward positions with Republicans to continue his administration and largely reject his migration policy so far. A poll published by ‘The Washington Post’-ABC News notes that Biden has 52 percent approval, while another from NBC News gives it 53 percent and a 54 percent Fox News last, all released this Sunday. As the ABC News television network has recalled, it is the third lowest rating for a president in office since Harry Truman. Since then, only Gerald Ford — at 48 percent in 1978 — and Donald Trump — with 47 percent in 2017–, — have gotten a lower approval rate. Biden, who since taking office has faced considerable challenges, including managing the pandemic, something that respondents have mostly approved, or the migration crisis with the southern border, which has mostly not been to the liking of citizens so far, according to the ‘The Washington Post’-ABC News poll.The representative gets 65 percent approval for his pandemic aid package. , 64 per cent for its management of the health crisis and 58 per cent for its proposal to raise corporate taxes. As for the approved infrastructure package it stands at 52 per cent approval and the management of the migration situation gets only 37 per cent. As for collaboration with Republicans, 60 percent of respondents believe they should «try to win Republican support,» while 30 percent say they should «try to pass proposals without major changes.»

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