translated from Spanish: Managing General of Carabineros and Violence in La Araucanía: “We are victims”

“After October 18 we had an apprenticeship, interacted with other policemen, from other parts of the world and also could see what was going on in this matter (public order). We interacted a lot with the German police and were able to extract some practices like dialogue police.” This was how carabineros Managing General Ricardo Yáñez referred to the process of changing protocols in the institution, as part of a new anniversary celebrated on Tuesday. “We now operate with more staff contingents and less use of chemical mechanical implements and deterrents,” he said at Mega. He was also consulted on the episodes of violence that occurred in recent months in La Araucanía, ensuring that “we are victims. In the last eleven years, we’ve got over 400 carabinieri shot. We have three deceased. Therefore, we realize a problem that is serious, but not now.” In this line, he noted that “the police are not going to solve the problems,” arguing that “it has been wrongly installed that the police are coming to solve the problems. We are on the effects and not on the causes of social problems.” In addition, he retorted that “in La Araucanía there are a lot of complexities that have to do with land claim, with problems with the foresters that are installed there,” he concluded.

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