translated from Spanish: Miguel Lifschitz remains “stable” and interned in intensive care

The current holder of the Chamber of Deputies of Santa Fe and former governor of the province, Miguel Lifschitz, remains “stable” and interned in intensive care for his coronavirus painting, confirmed since 11 April last. According to the medical part, the current provincial legislator “is stable, receiving all the corresponding therapeutic supports, including respiratory mechanical assistance within the framework of his critical picture”. The former governor of Santa Fe “remains interned in an intensive care ward on a lung commitment for Covid-19,” as specified in the disseminated statement. 

Omar Perotti with Miguel Lifschitz | Photo: NA

Lifschitz has been suffering from coronavirus since 11 April last year, when through social media he himself reported its contagion and isolation at home. On Monday the 19th, by medical indication, the also two-time Intendent of Rosario was admitted to a sanatorium in that city of southern Santa Fe.Restrictions in Santa Fe 
The governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, announced restrictions on circulation from 21:00 until 6:00 “throughout the territory of the province”, in addition to the early closure of shops, with the aim of “removing circulation” in the face of the growth of coronavirus cases.” We will raise some actions from Friday 23 at 0:00 until May 2. They have to do with the ban on vehicular circulation from 21 a.m. throughout the territory of Santa Fe province until 6 p.m., Perotti said. The 23:00 hours will mark the closure of the entrance to a gastronomic establishment, bars and restaurants, having to adapt from there all the actions aimed at closing at 24:00,” he stressed.

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