translated from Spanish: Two killed in road accident in Zinapécuaro collection shed

home safety Two killed in road accident in Zinapécuaro collection shed

Zinapécuaro, Mich. – Two dead left as a balance a vehicle accident in the area of the collection shed of this municipality of Zinapécuaro on the Western Highway, a trailer without brakes hit three vehicles and one of them left it completely shattered from the front, the other was overturned and the last that is another tractor-truck only had minor damage, according to the information obtained by this news agency in the journalistic work.
The event was on Wednesday morning at the aforementioned location in the Maravatío-Zapotlanejo road section. In the words of police sources, the cargo engine, one of a white cab, coupled to a dry box, ran out of brakes due to mechanical failure and as it passed through the collection kiosk hit a particular car head-on and by range against a pickup truck carrying fruit.
The car ended up destroyed and the engine fruit truck overturned and with the merchandise watered on the asphalt belt. The trailer also slightly affected a box from another tractor-trailer. Due to mishap two people died, but police authorities did not detail which vehicle the victims were in, although they appeared to be travelling in the car. Local paramedics attended the site, confirming the death of the aggrieved.
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The area was cordoned off by the elements of the National Guard Road and Facilities Security Battalion to prevent contamination of evidence and for the curious to approach. Subsequently, the expert staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán was responsible for the collection of evidence and testimonies. The driver of the trailer without brakes was not commented on whether it was required or escaped.

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