translated from Spanish: Who is Paola Montero in Luis Miguel’s series?

In the third episode of the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, a new character caused a lot of uncertainty and caused the annoyance of Mexican singer and actress Patricia Manterola. This is the character of “Paola Montero”, who was supposed to be the former member of the Garibaldi group, who had an affair with “El Sol de México”. On her Instagram account Patricia Manterola shared a statement to clarify this whole situation, noting that she has always been a woman away from scandals, respectful and transparent. She stated that “Luis Miguel, the series” alludes to a woman who sang “Everybody loves banana” and used a costume almost identical to one she wore when she was part of Garibaldi. “Like many, I automatically thought of Garibaldi.”
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Paty Manterola noted that if the production of the series is alluding to his person with the character of “Paola Montero” (played by mexican actress Fátima Molina), it differs “completely with the quality of woman that I have always been”, as well as with the private history that “I lived in those years with the people who were present in my life”. Read more: Girlfriend of singer Alex Quintero publishes heartbreaking farewell video: “Thank you for loving me so much”According to what was shown in the chapter that premiered last Sunday on the Netflix platform, former Garibaldi Patricia Manterola made it very clear that she:
He wasn’t with Luis Miguel in a recording studio.
He wasn’t with the singer at the Viña del Mar Festival.
She didn’t party with him at the Bar Bar.
He doesn’t smoke.
He didn’t have a story with Cristian Castro.

The TV actress added “and I never talked to him about not attending his daughter’s birthday (Michelle Salas), which I find extremely strong, insensitive and unfortunate.”
Patricia Manterola commented that this treatment that the production of “Luis Miguel, the series” gave to the character of “Paola Montero”, directly affects “my person, feelings and image”. Read more: The best characters chabelo played According to the 49-year-old singer originally from Mexico City, as in many cases where with the coat of fiction, situations that never happened are invented altering the perception of the audience, “it is clear that for a fictional story to work, you need to create antagonistic characters to highlight the heroism of the protagonists”. At the end of her statement Patricia Manterola said that she does not know if one day she will share her version about everything related to Luis Miguel, she also does not know if it would be worth it, “since those who know me know perfectly well who I really am, but what I am sure of is that I will always raise my voice for so many women that like me , we deserve respect.”

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