translated from Spanish: Home prison granted to Lautaro Teruel, accused of sexual abuse

Salta’s justice granted home prison to Lautaro Teruel, charged with two sexual abuse cases. One of them, with carnal access aggravated in «ideal contest with corruption doubly aggravated by the case of a child under the age of 13 and by deception.» The second, carnal access aggravated by being committed by two or more people, which he committed in co-authorship with Silvio Ezequiel Rodríguez and Gonzalo Isaac Farfán, who are charged. 

While you were given the benefit, you will remain in the mayor’s office until The Court of Trial Room III verifies whether there is availability of UADME (Home Arrest Unit for Electronic Monitoring) ankle straps.

Home prison granted to Lautaro Teruel, accused of sexual abuse

It was the judge of Chamber III of the Court of Challenge Eduardo Barrionuevo who notified the ruling that it makes the request for home detention, as reported by El Tribuno.De according to the advance by the means, the judge also urged that the trial date initially planned for next September be advanced. Two years of pre-trial (he has been in prison since April 19, 2019), and the assumptions to sustain it were «danger of escape» and «process himperation.» «Because the case is advanced for trial, the possibility of hindering the process disappears, but not the risk of escape because the penalty that might be due to it would be effective imprisonment,» explains the means. At the end of May 2019, audios were known about the defendant saying, «With yours a long time ago, like 3, 4 years ago I’ve been saying’ ‘I have to apologize to that asshole because he does, because he deserves it.’ It was an asshole, I can’t get calculus of how old we were both. I wanted to apologize to you.» about one of the causes for which he is being held.

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