translated from Spanish: Tax on the super-rich: Government said it would not refrain from resorting to TC when it considered it appropriate

The Minister-General of the Presidency (Segpres), Juan José Ossa, assured that the government will not refrain from resorting to the Constitutional Court, after the setback of the injunction against the third withdrawal dispatched by Congress.
The sayings of Ossa, on Tele13 Radio occur in the midst of the discussion for the so-called “tax on the super rich”, which advanced to the chamber of deputies room, a project that, with an indication, also proposes a transitional reduction in VAT.
“The government is always going to do its duty to use the TC when appropriate, how it’s going to go, I can’t give it the same certainties as it was three days ago, but we’re always going to exercise what we think is the President’s duty,” Ossa said.
On the project in particular, Ossa said that “it is not that we oppose the tax on the super rich for opposing us, it seems to us that it was a project that had many flaws, the authors themselves tried to correct it in many respects without success and are indications that we have to analyze”.
Ossa also said the government hopes to enter this day projects derived from the third 10% government that was withdrawn from Congress, and that among them, they seek to hand over a $200 billion bond to three million people who do not have planned funds.

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