translated from Spanish: Dignify culiacán municipal police, proposes Ely Montoya

Sinaloa.- Public safety is one of the most urgent claims in the colonies, communities and syndicatures of Culiacán and to improve I will dignify the police by equipping them with equipment, patrols, training and better working conditions, said Ely Montoya.La candidate for municipal president of Culiacán by Citizen Movement, stressed that unfortunately insecurity is a problem that pits all the Culiacanians.
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“On Friday I had a meeting with neighbors of the Guadalupe colony who told me they asked Ferreiro to take care of them to raise the problem of insecurity, he did not receive them, there was no dialogue, only deafness,” he said. Read more: Campaigns in Sinaloa must be of respect and harmony: Chuy ValdésPointed that it is essential to dignify the police, provide the necessary tools to the elements so that they can do their job well and of course recognize their work.
“We need to pay more attention to security policies accompanied by training, equipment acquisition and dignification of police activity to effectively combat crime and provide more peace of mind for citizens,” he said. Ely Montoya said the police should definitely be supported because they obviously don’t have the necessary resources. “It takes investing in training, vehicles, weapons, and increasing their salaries to improve their living conditions,” he said. One strategy that relates to this topic is the need to create more sports spaces for which land is available. “This administration has left the public spaces of popular colonies, police stations and syndicatures. On my tours I have seen basketball courts without boards, football fields without goal and various sports fields flooded by the mountain,” he lamented. Ely Montoya established that as mayor she will immediately rehabilitate the sports courts and create new sports spaces on the outskirts of the city. He later emphasized that another common lament of people is the lousy garbage collection service and that no one knows what hours the pick-up trucks spend. Read more: 24 candidates for local deputies, trustees solicitors and government members in Sinaloa “We will acquire more trucks and on a website we will put the collection schedules so that all citizens are certain of the time when the garbage collection truck will pass through their home,” he explained. I finally make sure it’s time for women. “Women are responsible, hardworking and personally I am transparent, honest, unscathed manager who wants to build a progressive Culiacán with greater and better opportunities for everyone,” she concluded.

Under suspected funding from Rocha Moya. The INE could intervene

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