translated from Spanish: Zaira Nara shared the photo showing reconciliation with her dad

Zaira Nara recently uploaded a photo that dates that the relationship with her father, Andrés Nara, would be in the process of reconciliation. The model and driver showed up with her father with an image of Patagonia in the company of her young one-year-old son, Viggo, and responded to a follower’s consultation about her current bond with her father. Also, but without a photo, Wanda had also said at the time that he had telephone conversations with his father, after being est distanced for a long time, so the businessman does not know the youngest daughter Wanda had with Mauro Icardi, Isabella, 4.

Asked by Primicias.Already by the post of Zaira, Andrés replied: “I had not seen the photo. It’s a divine thing, I’m happy. Unfortunately, I can’t see them as many times as I want because of the pandemic. It’s beautiful the fat one, apart the family says he looks like me (laughs), he said with a tone of emotion in his voice. He added: “Zaira was always impeccable, standard-bearer and best companion every year. I hope the boys go out to her.” At the same time as Wanda, she stated: “She is also a genius, she was born an artist. He always does things. I’m proud of my daughters. Now I can see my children and grandchildren a little bit, I’m okay and happy on that side. I can’t stay as long as I want for the pandemic, but there’ll be time.”

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