translated from Spanish: Begins on Monday: AFP association expects platforms to “respond technologically” to third withdrawal requests

AFP Association president Alejandra Cox said high demand is expected for the third 10% withdrawal, which begins receiving applications on Monday, and calmly called for affiliates.
“From tomorrow (Monday, May 3) about 10 million people will be able to apply for the third withdrawal of their 10%. It’s a powerful logistics and financial operation, for which pension fund managers are putting all their work into making it safe, fast and simple for our affiliates and affiliates, as are the previous two withdrawals,” Cox said.
He reiterated that “this is a 100% digital, free, keyless process that is done directly on the page of each AFP.”
“We hope that during the early hours of this Monday there will be high demand for making the request, so we are working to make the platforms technologically respond to that increased use. In case of inconvenience we will make every effort to solve them in the fastest way, because we understand that the interest and need of our affiliates is high,” he added.
He finally recalled that “this process can be done within a year and we call on affiliates to be calm, because they have already checked with previous withdrawals that their money is and will be delivered in time and cost.”

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