translated from Spanish: Nostradamus predicted a zombie apocalypse by 2021

We’ve all seen movies and series about zombies, and it’s probably an experience that no one wants to live, but what if it became a reality? For Nostradamus, famous for his apt prophecies, came to predict that in 2021 we will live a zombie apocalypse. Let us remember that Nostradamus, whose real name was Michel de N’tre-Dame, was a 16th-century French apothecary, famous for his book “Les Prophéties”, a compendium of 942 poetic quartets that have aroused the curiosity and wonder of thousands, as these are supposed predictions that have often seemed to be true.
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Among the terrible episodes That Nostradamus has predicted by 2021 are the rise of global hunger, the danger of an asteroid, a major earthquake in California, the worsening climate change and, the cherry on the cake, a zombie apocalypse. Read more: Street dog steals piglet from councillors in Argentina and goes viralIn line with the prediction of the French apothecary, 2021 humans will have to deal with a biological weapon created by the Russian government, which will result in the deaths of thousands of people who will transform into zombies or the undead.

This is the prediction verbatim in Nostradamus’ book “Les Prophéties”: “Few Young People: Half Dead to Begin with. Dead out of spite, he will make others shine, and in an exalted place, great evils will occur. Sad concepts will hurt each one, dignified temporal. Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers killed with infinite pains, women in mourning, the monstrous pestillent: The Great to be no more, everyone to finish.” Some have interpreted the phrase “half dead” as a reference to zombies, but how to know? Nostradamus’ prophecies are always the subject of speculation, but French was certainly not famous precisely for giving good news. Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Whether true or not, Nostradamus’ prediction did not go unnoticed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which decided to offer guidance with tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Although experts argue that a zombie apocalypse is quite unlikely, they consider its guidelines to be very useful in dealing with survival situations. This means that the same tips can help survive floods, earthquakes and health emergencies. In its survival guide, the U.S. CDC recommends that families meet and set a meeting place and deadlines to get there, and even join a zombie CDC task forces, which aims to raise money and allocate it to relief efforts. Read more: Director causes outrage at whipping a 6-year-old girl board in front of her mother in FloridaOther key point is to have at hand necessities such as canned food, water and cleaning supplies, making sure they are enough for at least several days. Even if Nostradamus’ prediction is false and we don’t face a zombie apocalypse this 2021, these tips will certainly be just as useful to you in case you come up with a natural disaster, so take them into account. 

They catch a man flying over a giant drone

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