translated from Spanish: Paula Narváez meets with PS parliamentarians to present universal basic income and tax proposal

The Socialist Party’s presidential candidate, Paula Narváez, arrived at the National Congress of Valparaiso to meet with the seat of deputies and the PS committee of senators, along with whom she unveiled her proposal for universal basic income and tax proposal.
“We have proposed a universal basic income that guarantees, for a family of 4 people, the sum of 600 thousand pesos. This is a proposal that is put in place for the debate and consideration of the National Congress,” he said. He also stressed that such an initiative can be implemented “with fiscal responsibility and that makes it possible and achievable”.
In that line, he said tax changes were necessary. “For example, review tax exemptions, which is an ongoing debate. as well as ending avoidance and evasion, with whose resources at least 5 points of GDP could be raised and thereby alleviating the Chilean families who need it today,” he said.
On other issues, Narváez raised that another issue he is concerned about is that “this health and economic emergency is no longer funded by Chileans, through its own savings,” which he said, “is how the government has managed this crisis to this day.”
“We believe it is essential that the financing of universal emergency basic income comes from among other measures, not only from the state, but from those who have done even better during this pandemic, who have seen gains in their economic activities and who have seen their assets increase,” he said.
“Therefore, we find it significant, and also, for Chile’s economic stability, that those with the most contribute more, especially in times of crisis. That’s why we’ve supported the idea of the super-rich tax project,” he said.

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