translated from Spanish: They predict increase in violence over drug liberation

Mexico.- Experts on security issues explained that the release of drug traffickers Vicente Zambada Niebla, Eduardo Arrellano Félix and Héctor Palma Salazar could lead to a new wave of violence in Mexico.In recent weeks the three drug traffickers mentioned above have begun the processes for their release, two of them in the United States (Vicentillo of 46 years old and The Doctor of 64 years old) , and one in Mexico (The 80-year-old Goero Palma).
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Read more: Until August the water shortage will persist in SinaloaThe release of these malafamous characters occurs because some served their sentences formally, while others negotiated or collaborated with the U.S. authorities, in order to speed up their release from prison and take more criminals behind bars.

However, Vicente Niebla Zambada, aka the Vicentillo, must remain in the United States as a protected witness and with the premise of continuing to testify in the coming trials of other kingpins. For his part, the drug trafficker Héctor “Goero” Palma Salazar, is held by the Mexican authorities after a judge granted acquittal for the crimes committed, in this sense President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for that if there were arrest warrants against this drug trafficker to contact the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.This release of different characters of the Sinaloa Cartel and Arellano Félix could reactivate the violence or unleash rematches explained Experts to Reforma.For his part, the former Commissioner of the Federal Police and consultant on security issues, Manelich Castilla pointed out that the release of these three drug traffickers will mean rearcoupling and infighting for power. It should be noted that both the Goero Palma and the Vicentillo were key pieces of the Sinaloa Cartel, the first served as one of the leaders in the 90s and the second is the son of Mayo Zambada, who allegedly controls the threads behind the scenes of that criminal organization.” There may be rearcoupling, disputes of territories and businesses that they claim as their own,” security expert Manelich Castilla said of the release of the three drug traffickers. In that regard, it indicated that the violence between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Cartel could increase, as they could start conflicting over territories that were already under the control of one or the other. He raised that the Government should work in intelligence to follow up and have a containment plan. Francisco Rivas, director of the National Citizen Observatory, considered it necessary for the Government to deploy more elements of the federal forces in the areas of greatest operation of the cartels. Read more: Who built LINE 12 of the CDMX Metro?” What I would see in the medium term is a bill collection, it would be a set of vendettas to collect the bills that took them to prison, that kept them there for so long, and that surely they will also be behind the evidence of the betrayals they were subjected to, or the lack of support,” said security specialist Carlos Mendoza on the release of the three drug traffickers.

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