translated from Spanish: April posts more than 74,000 detainees for health crimes and records offenders since the start of the pandemic

This day was unveiled the balance sheet of Carabineros de Chile and the Ministry of the Interior regarding health crimes that during April recorded a total of 74,183 people who were arrested for violating health standards being the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. The April figure, month in which the restrictions intensified, is 57% higher than march and exceeds by more than 10 thousand detainees who had registered in July 2020 which amounted to 63,116.In the entire pandemic 549,282 people have been arrested for crimes against public health, which exceeds that of all other crimes committed in the national territory during that period , amounting to 336.475.De in the last week counted 14,184 detainees for violating health standards, almost half of the arrests occurred during 1 and 2 May with 6,726 of whom 337 correspond to people who participated in clandestine holidays. Another crime that caught the eye in recent weeks is the forgery of permits delivered through the Virtual Police Station.According to the uniformed institution between March 20 and April 20 of this year, 337 cases of forgery of those documents were detected. The travel permit being the most counterfeit with 254 infringements and then the unique collective permits with 42.

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