translated from Spanish: They assault members of collective Women of the Earth in Milpa Alta

Members of the collective Mujeres de la Tierra were physically and verbally assaulted by the couple of one of them while they were working, in the Village of Santa Ana Tlacotenco, of the mayoralty Milpa Alta.
Around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5, the subject showed up at the collective work center, where they sell corn-based products – such as tamales, chubby, tlacoyos and tortillas – while they were finishing preparing the week’s orders.
The attacker injured five women, who in addition to receiving physical damage, experienced material losses: he destroyed the food they had prepared, as well as their utensils and work tools, especially their comal, in which they cook, which was bent.

Accompanying the victims were children, who witnessed the attack and, according to the last post on the collective’s Facebook page, «are in shock.»
Two collectives, Chicomecoatl Mujeres del Maíz and Milpa Alta Sorese, sympathized with the affected women, updating through social networks the events after the attack.

«This guy threw away our comal, Threw away all the food, all the orders… said right now I’m going to kill them and threaten to disconnect the gas hose. I also threaten to kill my son, me and my daughter were blown to the hot comal.»
— High Milpa Corn Women- Chicomecoatl (@MujeresAlta) May 6, 2021

A corn women spokes machine stated in an interview that since the physical assaults began, both the ambulance and the patrol were called for help, seeking support to stop the attack.
The patrol arrived an hour later. They were then transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Milpa Alta; however, they were not allowed access, as they were told that the complaint corresponded to Tecomic’s MP, 15 minutes from which they were.
The same thing happened when they introduced themselves to Tecomic, they were told that there was no legist doctor who could analyze the serious injuries, so the process would not be there, but the women decided to initiate their complaints.
During the assault, the victims took photos and videos, which are already part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation.
The collective Chicomecoatl Mujeres del Maíz reported that until 8:00 hours on Thursday, May 6, only two complaints had been taken, of the five that were planned to be filed.
This group, together with Milpa Alta Sorese, began organizing to make a demonstration at the facilities of the MP of Tecomic, which they attended at noon on Thursday.
«First we want to get a good look at how the situation is and from there we’re going to start making the resistance and start screaming that it’s amazing that it’s been over 12 hours and this whole problem isn’t over yet,» explained the Corn Women spokes staff.
He added that a page belonging to a Collective that «was giving a lot of dissemination on Facebook» was intentionally pulled. In addition, they speculate that the subject, who from the outset was «fully identified», went on the run.
The Women of the Earth
The collective Women of the Earth was conceived in 2020 by women victims of gender-based violence, who came together to sell products made with corn, such as tortillas, tamales and chubby.
Its purpose was to achieve the economic autonomy of its members and to make a mutual accompaniment in the processes of violence, since many of them still live with their aggressors.

Following wednesday’s attack, in which five of them were affected, they sought a proper review by Milpa Alta Hospital in order to integrate the evidence into the research folder.
«Both the health of Lola, Carmen, Geo* and the children present is wrong, both emotional and physical,» said the Corn Women spokes staff in an interview with Political Animal.
He reported that one of them had a broken leg, while another had his face beaten and one more had loose teeth. Not to mention that another one was left with scratches and blows to the face.
In addition, due to the impression that the attack caused on the children present, they asked, through social networks, for psychological care for them.
The consequences of the attack were not only physical and psychological, but also labor, as the engine of his business, his tools and utensils, were destroyed by the aggressor.
«They will need in-kind and economic help as much of their material was destroyed,» said the Corn Women spokes staff.
The two collectives who came together to support the victims ensured, through their Twitter accounts, thataccompanying them, seeking refuge and waiting for the process they decide to undertake.
«The subject is not the ex-partner, he is the partner of one of the women of the collective, let us hope that after this he is already an exparement.»
*The names of the members of the collective were changed, for their safety.
** Women of the Earth is asking for support to cover transportation, drug and commodity purchase costs. Transfers can be made in the following number: 
Santander account
Rocío Lobato
No. card: 5579-0900-4196-9057
Interbank Clabe: 0141-8026-0294-784066

With information from Ana Estrada.
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