translated from Spanish: Bus stoppage was lifted and night traffic is assured

After a meeting with the Government, collective entrepreneurs today lifted the force measure by which they would stop providing nightly services in the AMBA in the face of delays in subsidy payments. Representatives of the business chambers of the bus lines held a virtual meeting with the Undersecretary of Transport, Marcos Farina, in which, at their request, they agreed to make the «maximum effort» to sustain the night services for the coming days.

The cameras indicated that meetings will be held next week within the Ministry of Transport to «analyze and define the update of costs and revenues in the sector». The official promised that in the coming days the amounts due for 2020 will be deposited with the companies, as indicated by the chambers.» The precarious situation of AMBA companies was evident today that several bus lines were stopped by the inability of companies to pay full wages to their workers,» they warned. They stated that «it is extremely complex to maintain the normal operation of services, taking into account the tariff freeze for more than two years and the delay in recognizing the impact of inflation on costs for more than eight months.»

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