translated from Spanish: Alleged pollster who outpertched Alfonso Martínez, benefited in his government

Morelia, Michoacán.- After the last Mitofsky survey is released, in which the candidate of the coalition “Together We Will Make History” of MORENA, Ivan Pérez Negrón, appears as a pointer to electoral preferences. Alfonso Martínez, candidate of the PAN-PRD coalition, published a survey where he is positioned with a 2-1 advantage of his nearest opponent (Morena).

This survey presented by Alfonso Martínez, was carried out by NetworkStudio, however, does not present methodology nor margin of error, which is why this medium was given to the task of searching for the results of it but no information of this company “surveyer” was found, it is not listed as such in any electronic address, digital platform or social networks.
What appears from NetworkStudio is an address of a private house in the Camelinas colony of the city of Morelia, and a phone where there is no answer.  The information of this supposed surveying house led us to particular data of those who make up it, which need to be focused on production, advertising and business services.
This same company in 2017 managed to be a supplier of the municipal government that headed, Alfonso Martínez with a contract of 989 thousand 780 pesos for the concept of “Acquisition of an Information System for Amplification and Digitization of the License of the Operation of the Municipality of Morelia”.
A year earlier in 2016, Napoleon Huipe also representative of NetworkStudio benefited from a contract under the name of the company Teleimagen of the Centro S.A. de C.V. and another with the business activity as a natural person, that is, two contracts in a tender of 58 million 799 thousand pesos where 20 companies participated for the Provision of Transport Vehicle Conversion Service.

The company Teleimagen appears with 3 addresses in the city of Morelia: Calzada Ventura Puente, German and Private Lieutenant of Gertrudis Bocanegra, in the three locations no indication of being a company, two of these addresses mark private houses in private areas and another of them locates a restaurant.
It should be noted that there was no history that NetworkStudio had conducted any other political or other surveys.

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