translated from Spanish: They sing to their first love


Singer Diego Torres.

Another singer who has shown unconditional love for his mother through a composition is Diego Torres, who in 2020 recorded Stay, with the Russian artist Leonid Agutin. This ballad was dedicated to her beloved mother, Lolita Torres, and in the video clip, the Argentine singer-songwriter pays homage to her successful acting career and celebrates the 90th anniversary of the birth of her beloved mother. 2.

Mark Antonio Solís.

A few years ago, Marco Antonio Solís wrote Te amo, mamá, a song dedicated to his mother, María Elena Sosa de Solís, who died in 2010. This melody he recorded with Los Bukis describes his immense love for his mother and all the qualities he sees in her, which make her unique. 3.

Jesse Turner.

vocalist of the group Siggno, Jesse Turner, has always expressed the importance of his mother’s presence in his life and a few years ago he wrote Mom, a subject with which he thanks him for the love, care and attention he has given throughout his life. This theme is ideal to dedicate to that being that gave us life and in the video clip the singer also accompanied him from some images with his mother.  4.

Beto Zapata

One of the themes of the Mexican regional that has been adopted to honor the mother is My First Love, by Beto Zapata. The composition of this song was born from a letter written by the heavy group leader before he married, in which he thanked his mother for all the caresses and time he devoted to him as a child. The clip is certainly starring his mother, Lucero Zapata, and also shows photographs of the composer in his childhood years, with his mother. 5.

Amaia Montero

The beautiful Spanish singer Amaia Montero, who made herself known in the field of music because she was vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh, wrote the song I will tell you one thing, dedicated to her mother, Pilar Saldías, since she helped him in his musical career. This topic describes and tells all the moments you lived together. In the video you can see Amaia in Rascafría, Madrid, singing the song in three different scenes. These images of Amaia singing alternate with images depicting the evolution of the maternal-filial relationship. And at the end of the video you can see the singer’s mother.  6.

Edwin Luna

Singer Edwin Luna, founder of Banda La Trakalosa de Monterrey, in 2016 wrote the song The First I Saw, dedicated to all mothers, but especially for that being who gave her life and who is unfortunately already in heaven. The video that accompanies this great theme relates precisely that inexplicable love he feels for his mother. Also, images of other moms, to whom their children fill them with details and a lot of affection. 7.

Jessi Uribe

Colombian singer and musician Yesid Eduardo Uribe Ordóñez, better known as Jessi Uribe, in 2018 released a song entitled Gracias, Madre, in honor of his beloved mother. Although only the singer accompanied by guitar is shown in the video for this track, it is the lyrics so moving and full of love that makes it special and that also touches the heart of any mom.  

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