translated from Spanish: They bet on specialty coffee and exploited their business in the middle of the pandemic

When they spent their hours in college sharing notes and studying for the end of the PR career, they could not imagine that from that connection that the project that today marks the pulse of their days was to be born. Much less at that meeting in September 2004, when they met thanks to a group of friends in common, on a way out that set their paths on fire. From boys, Emiliano Escudero and Ignacio Oporto like coffee, tea, breads and pastry, especially at breakfast and snack time. For them, traveling was synonymous with enjoying discovering new flavors. And that inner flame for gastronomy, although they had no experience in the field, was the one that ended up tipping the scales at the time of launch with an enterprise of its own. With the security of wanting to stop working in relation to dependency, they gave life to Usina Cafetera, a specialty cafeteria and pastry shop that says present in several corners of the City.” We have pastry chefs and cooks who were references and on whom we rely very much to assemble the first menu. Gradually we built the idea and started researching coffee bean suppliers and discovered what the specialty coffee shop was,” Squire, owner and partner of Usina Cafetera, told in a talk with Filo.News.
A quality user
If there is one thing that is not negotiated for the creators of Usina Coffee Maker is the quality of the products they offer. Both agree that to provide good service you have to be in every detail. Porto thought so when he decided to take the barista course to know the basics of his business. In addition, they reflect this each time they dress up as human resources agents and take the time to select staff, train them, and pass on to them the work culture they preach. There, perhaps, is the key to his success.” You don’t have to be a pastry chef or a baker to perceive that something is good, that it is made with quality and that it is maintained over time. We managed to centralize all the production and in any of the premises they visit, the product is always the same”, emiliano says.Six years ago, when specialty coffee did not sound so much in the shops of Buenos Aires, the neighbors of Villa Urquiza witnessed the birth of Usina Cafetera, whose flagship coffee is Puerto Blest. Over time, the cafeteria expanded with a second location in Recoleta and, surprisingly, faced the pandemic crisis with three franchises in Palermo Nuevo, Palermo Hollywood and San Isidro.

Usina Coffee maker offers specialty coffee and pastry. Photo: Instagram @usinacafetera

“We have six years of experience and many customers who already know employees. That creates a very nice atmosphere, making the person feel at home. While employees have ascended and changed branches, they convey the work culture we teach them,” Emiliano says, while highlighting the work of the entire team led by pastry chef Estela Tapia.La people’s curiosity about the quality and type of coffee they consume grew as specialty coffee began to become more common on the streets of the city. “From six years to date everything changed. At the time, people didn’t care as much or didn’t know. While they valued coffee, they thought we put cream on it but we explained that milk was actually textured and that’s why the final product was left that way, as well as being made by professional baristas,” Escudero describes. He adds: “Today, many people who visit us use specific terms since we explain the coffee brewing process. Growing up as a specialty coffee shop, people get used to it and demand a better product. We are very happy with that, we think it is very good and, year after year, the sector is growing.”

Usina Cafetera has premises in Villa Urquiza, Recoleta, Palermo Nuevo, Palermo Hollywood and San Isidro. Photo: Instagram @usinacafetera

The favorites
Emiliano and Ignacio have known each other for 17 years and are married one ago. However, if it comes to choosing a coffee and a sweet preparation, each one rather rather stays on a different side.” Ignacio likes coffee alone, so he chooses to always take the Doppio, which is a double, intense and unsweeted espresso. And the favorite cake is the Carrot Cake – it says, also chosen by most customers – which is super spicy and consists of a carrot cake with a cheese frosting, nuts, raisins and a tour of flavors that drive you crazy,” Squire reveals.and puts high score to carrot cake, Emiliano can’t detach his choice of chocolate: “I’m a chocolate fan, so I love Choco Usina and Marquise, they’re my favorites. But if I have to choose one, I choose Choco Usina because I find it quite unique. It’s pure chocolate, with a very wet sponge cake that looks like a soufflé. Many times people think it’s a mousse, but it’s actually a wet sponge cake. And I enjoy it with a Latte, because I really like the combination of our coffee with textured milk.”

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