translated from Spanish: Brian Lanzelota very concerned about his brother: “He lacks a lung and is un vaccinated”

Carlitos, Brian Lanzelotta’s brother, was admitted two weeks ago for complications in the only lung he has. The young man was admitted to the Fernández Hospital and his relatives are very concerned, as the nosocomio is full of cases of coronavirus and Carlitos does not yet have the vaccine.

The singer used the networks to communicate, not only the concern, but the anger: “Politicians and relatives of politicians, all vaccinated before all, before health personnel. Vaccines are being sorry, but I have my disabled brother un vaccinated in fernandez at risk of getting infected. This is Argentina,” he lamented in a tweet.

And then he added: “I speak for my brother because it is my brother who is interned, but it is obvious that I speak for all the people at risk, not just for him. Do we still have to explain? I thought you understood. Politicians are laughing in our faces, but we at 20 have to be inside with no laburar to earn our handle.”

Asked for Los Angeles in the morning, Brian extended his claim and commented, “I ask for a vaccine for him. Fernandez Hospital doesn’t give any more. My brother had pneumonia and is very exposed. It’s in the wolf’s mouth and has only one lung. If he catches it he doesn’t come home,” he added visibly excitedly.

Lanzelotta also noted that during the pandemic Carlitos’ health was complicated, but that both he and the doctors exhausted all instances to prevent him from being hospitalized. There was no other option and the danger lurked: “They have him isolated in a room, where they try not to circulate anyone who has been in the COVID-19 ward.”

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