translated from Spanish: Canacintra offers back-to-school supplies at Edomex

The president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in the State of Mexico, Imelda Meza Parrilla, indicated that Mexican entrepreneurs are willing to provide inputs for a safe return to class. The contributions of Edomex Canacintra entrepreneurs, he noted, would be for students and workers in the public and private education sector to have the necessary measures to prevent possible contagion of Covid-19 on return to face-to-face classes. 
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Maintaining the yellow traffic light in the State of Mexico, stressed the president of the Canacintra in Edomex, is important to allow economic reactivation, however, the return to the classroom is also another impulse to react to different turns. Read more: Nearly 4,000 health workers have died for Covid-19 in Mexico At a press conference, Meza Parrilla stressed the importance of vaccinating staff and workers in the education sector, immunized to 375,000 people. In addition, it detailed that the inoculation of workers aged 50 and over is beneficial for the State of Mexico because 67% of industrial and small and medium-sized enterprises are between the age of 40 and 59. “We don’t want anyone to have a co-worker, family member or people close to those sick with this virus, hospitalized, who we can’t say goodbye to again,” she said. Read more: Vaccination against Covid-19 of pregnant women in Mexico CitySows will help schools
Meza invited schools to report on their situation to comply with hygiene protocols that protect those returning to classrooms. Lack of drinking water, inputs such as sanitizing gel, water covers or other materials that allow teachers, administrators and students to be safe, shared, could be covered by Canacintra entrepreneurs.

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