translated from Spanish: César Bordón: “River represents Argentina very well in luis Miguel’s series”

With a career full of hits, records that became eternal and tours around the world, choosing a single Luis Miguel song is an almost impossible task. But César Bordón is clear: “My favorite is ‘Unforgettable’ for two reasons: I like boleros and we all have a love that has been unforgettable.” The actor returned to the role of Hugo Lopez for the second season of “Luis Miguel: The Series”, which was already released in April on Netflix. Unlike the first one will be presented one chapter per week, every Sunday night, and the first three are already available. 

“It seems to me that while it must be very special for someone to talk about your life and show it on a screen, I think it’s also a tribute and recognition of that quality and caliber of the artist,” he says in dialogue with Filo.News.Then adds, “I think around the world it has influenced and crossed our lives in one way or another , there should not be a person in the world who has not danced or listened to a disco a luis Miguel theme and a few more, so it seems to me that living up to that constancy and giving away a series is very interesting. The season is very good and you can not miss it”.***Oriundo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, César Bordón has a large curriculum that highlights him as one of the most important figures in the television and film industry of the region. We can name productions such as “Poliladron”, “Amigovios”, “Chiquititas”, “Costumbres argentinas”, “Muñeca Brava”, “By the name of God”, “Rincón de luz”, “Los Roldán”, “Casi Angeles”, “Nini”, “There are no 2 3”, “Guapas”, “Campanas en la noche”. In the cinema, he excelled with “The Headless Woman”, “Wild Tales” or “The Night of 12 Years”. In Luis Miguel’s series he plays the manager of the Mexican singer, who is shown as a great Fan of River, highlighting players such as Angel Labruna and with a painting in his office that shows the moment the Millionaire came out champion of America in 1986. Why include the Argentine team in the series? 

“It was like a wink that we started in the first season, because they told me ‘who are you going to?’, which is the way you ask in Mexico ‘who are you swelling about?’, I told my team.” “The character is very Argentine and Argentina should be represented… I say that River represents Argentina very well, and the subject has developed a little more because it has been taken with great affection all over the world. It was like a wish of mine but that the production valued them, took it and developed it, and I am very proud also to be a representative or ambassador of that,” he confesses.*** The premiere comes three years after the first season, where we could see the star’s birth and his first steps in fame. Also the relationship with his father, Luisito Rey, who managed his entire career as his manager. He also recounts the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, the beginning of the investigation, as well as the artist’s revelation against exploitation and fraud. His first loves, his first hits and his dreams. 

The new episodes show two timelines and with a plot that will explore the difficulties Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) faced in balancing his family and professional life. At the height of his success in the 1990s, the artist is in charge of the care of his brothers after his father’s death and tries to make amends for the relationship with his girlfriend Erika (Camila Sodi). Hugo (César Bordón), representative and father figure for Micky, fights cancer, and a new representative, Patricio Robles (Pablo Cruz Guerrero), shakes things up at the talent agency. While trying to decipher his mother’s mysterious disappearance, Luis Miguel heals his own paternal wound by reconnecting with his est distanced daughter, Michelle (Macarena Achaga), whom he has not seen for more than a decade.” We have seen, chewed, worked, produced the product for a long time, we have read and reread the books… we tried to live up to the circumstance since when we first made the first we expected a lot of public but it was a surprise, and in this it is already a relevant product that people are waiting for,” says the actor. From Filo.News we also spoke to Macarena Achaga and Diego Boneta for the season premiere. And you, have you joined the Luismi phenomenon yet? 
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