translated from Spanish: Marcela Feudale won’t be part of “The Academy” what happened?

Next Monday, the channel’s strong bet arrives on the thirteenth screen with the return of Marcelo Tinelli. The program that will debut on May 17 at 9 p.m. will be a multidisciplinary reality tv format where participants will be judged by a jury in different activities. In addition, on Fridays, it will be a day dedicated to humor and some showmach historicals will return to make a parody of Masterchef with politicians. However, one of the novelties of the cycle will be marked by the absence of the voice of the last 27 years that accompanied Tinelli.Marcela Feudale will not be part of La Acedemia and explained the reasons for his resignation. In the feudale Café radio cycle, which airs on Radio Cielo (FM 103.5) Monday through Friday from 9 to 13, the broadcaster told why she made this drastic decision to avoid misunderstandings or speculation about her working relationship and gave details of her talk with Marcelo about her work.

“I have an 84-year-old mom and I was wondering about going out and entering my house on the street, with a coronavirus pandemic I could have a very high risk situation for what Mom’s health is,” she began by explaining.
“Until I was vaccinated, I didn’t want to leave the house.”

“Marcellus is a very coherent man. I sent him a message that actually gave him my resignation, but not because I wanted to leave the show. I had never thought that I would withdraw from such an emblematic program for my life as ShowMatch for a pandemic,” he began in his account “I would never have thought of it, but that I had actually managed myself throughout this time a lot of resources that allowed me to stay inside and gave me a lot of peace of mind. Until I was vaccinated, I didn’t want to leave the house. Let him make the determination… And if he could wait for me until I was vaccinated or that if I really felt like I couldn’t wait for him to make use of my space and my professional place as he determined what it had to be,” Feudale argued.

Within 15 minutes he received a message from the driver: “His response was clearly: ‘I have no problem waiting for you, I’m going to wait for you, you do as you think it’s convenient that you have to do, wait for your vaccine. I think it makes highly sense what you’re asking me, it seems to me that everyone in life today depends on a vaccine,’ he said of the driver’s response. He continued: “Even he felt dependent on a vaccine. It’s his turn because he’s in the age range that’s being vaccinated now. I’m a little short because I’m younger and younger than him. I’m actually waiting for that, it’s my turn to get vaccinated and leave with complete peace of mind, with his ennuity.” In the same sense, she referred to the intern versions between her and Martin Salwe, the young man who will take her place and said, “Martin is a guy who is working a long time ago in the company, who did the Singing and who will replace me in the period that I am not, who can be 15 days, a month , two months, until she was vaccinated,” she concluded.

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