translated from Spanish: Lucia Perez’s Femicide: Court confirmed there will be a retrial

This Friday, the Supreme Court of Justice bonaerense rejected an extraordinary appeal filed for the defense of two of the accused of sexually abusing and murdering the teenage Lucía Pérez in the city of Mar del Plata in October 2016.Se deals with an appeal filed by Matías Farías and Juan Pablo Offidani to avoid being subjected to a new gender-based trial , as the Provincial Court of Appeal ruled last August.

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Farias and Offidani had been acquitted in 2018 of the crime of “sexual abuse aggravated by the supply of narcotics followed by death in ideal competition with femicide” but today the highest Bonaerense court considered that the trial at the time was flawed by the “lack of judicial impartiality” and that a new debate with a gender perspective is necessary, said Page 12.At that time. , the Oral Court in Criminal Court 1 (TOC 1) of Mar del Plata unanimously held that abuse and femicide could not be proven, and sentenced them to eight years in prison but for the crime of “narcotics possession for marketing purposes”.

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Alejandro Maciel, a third defendant accused of the crime of “aggravated cover-up,” was also acquitted during the oral trial. The ruling was appealed by the Marplatense Attorney General’s Office, considering that there was an “incorrect appreciation of the evidentiary material” and accused OTO 1 of continuing to “perpetuate gender stereotypes, arbitrarily deciding and without a reasoned derivation of evidence and without a gender perspective”.

Against this backing, the members of Chamber 4 of The Appeal unanimously annulled the absolute part of the OED 1 judgment, and ordered a retrial. The appeal of complaint brought by the defendants this week was also rejected by the Provincial Court.

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