translated from Spanish: Martín Heredia presents his government plan for Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- The candidate for Citizen Movement for the presidency for Mazatlan, Martín Heredia, presented his government plan based on the needs of the citizens. He noted that the main claim he received from the population is the abandonment of Mazatlan.
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His work plan will support him in the three axes that highlight transparent and close governance;  Mazatlan, with a new model of society, and a new Mazatlan with a comprehensive and sustainable development. Read more: Mexico and the United States go against the business model of drug trafficking This will allow to have problems such as the regularization of land tenure.
Open an office specialized in the tourist promotion of the port.

Read more: Dulce María Sauri compares Porfirio Díaz with AMLOA budget exclusive for each colony, facilities for entrepreneurs, a program designed to protect vulnerable sectors. Also, have an efficient garbage collection system. The orange flag bearer stressed that every day he travels home by house and this has allowed him to see the needs closely. Therefore, your government will be very close to the people and will be open doors in the presidency to meet the needs of the Mazatlecos, and your team will be prepared and eager to work people.

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Original source in Spanish

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