translated from Spanish: End of first election day: After the closure of the polling stations, ballot boxes and election material were sealed and stored

After 6 hours and after the respective three calls, the closing of tables of this unpublished two-day electoral process begins in the country, and at this time the polling stations that began in time begin to complete their process, so only those who are already in line waiting at the polling stations can be paid.
Along with the closure began the process of sealing ballot boxes and reviewing election material, which will be safeguarded throughout the night by Armed Forces and Order personnel, and tomorrow, Sunday, May 16, the tables will reopen from 8:00 a.m.
It should be noted that in Rapa Nui there are still two hours to vote, considering that it is 16:00 hours, while the Magellan Region was the first to start the process of closing tables, due to the time difference.
In this regard, Jennifer Rojas, the region’s mayor, said that “fortunately we had a very good day, we hope that tomorrow people who could not go to vote will move to the polling places, we are living through a historic process”, but she recalled that “we are still in a complex, fragile situation,” as Emol agreed.
Regarding the installation of tables, the process had a good level of development, but until late afternoon the Metropolitan Region had not completed 100%, unlike the other regions, which reached all available tables after 13:00

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