translated from Spanish: Parot for Ossandón’s support of Orrego: “I take it as a practice of old politics”

The candidate for governor for the Metropolitan Region for officialism, Catalina Parot, referred in dialogue with Emol to the statement of the senator by Santiago de RN, José Manuel Ossandón, who assured that she will vote for the DC candidate, Claudio Orrego.
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“I’ve always been working as Chile’s candidate Come on, not only do all of Chile’s presidential candidates come back to me, but all the mayors who are in Senator Ossandón’s constituency,” Parot said.
The candidate raised that the parliamentary approach “I take it as a practice of old politics, but nothing else.” “It is your right to express support for whoever he deems, I regret that he does so at a time like today, when the most important thing is to lead people to vote and participate,” he added.
Consulted for whether voting for an opposition candidate should have a cost within the coalition for Ossandón, Parot argued that “they are internal decisions of political parties. I believe that Chile Vamos has a very great responsibility today for the situation that the country is experiencing and I think we should all be committed to the project.”

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