translated from Spanish: Minister of Health came to cast his vote and acknowledged that the pandemic scenario “remains complex”

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, arrived at Carmela Carvajal College in Providencia to cast his vote. Without difficulty, the portfolio holder carried out the process and after the end of the day and reiterated the importance of these elections.” For the first time governors are elected, it is an important step forward in the democratization of our homeland,” he said. He also acknowledged that the pandemic scenario “remains complex,” he said, adding that “tomorrow’s figures, which I don’t have yet, I hope are better.” Already this morning, I had recalled that health measures should be maintained, both on Saturday and Sunday. It also recalled that vaccines did not replace self-care practices such as the use of masking, social estating and hand washing. Review on SoyTV:Claudio Segura, ACHS specialist, delivered recommendations to go to vote safely in this election However, Paris stressed that to date, and meeting a goal that president Piñera said, this day begins with more than 9 million people vaccinated and more than 7 million people with the full vaccination process. At the time of the vote, Paris recalled, people must lower their mask for only a few seconds, so that the table can verify their identity. It also reiterated that for those moving between regions they require their C-19 health permits, identity card and Servel election data.

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